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Clear counsel tailored to the needs and goals of your enterprise 

In the excitement associated with a new venture, many entrepreneurs often neglect to develop a detailed business plan. While your concept for a product or service might be far superior to what your competitors offer, proper execution is critical to success beyond the startup phase. That means addressing critical legal matters and assembling the capital, resources and talent necessary to operate your business. Attracting assets to a new company is a key reason to draft a sound business plan. At Hurley, Toevs, Styles, Hamblin & Panter, P.A. in Albuquerque, our attorneys have vast experience drafting and reviewing business plans for a wide range of commercial endeavors. We provide the guidance you need to establish a solid internal structure and garner the support your new company needs

Understanding the necessity for detailed business planning

With a professionally rendered business plan, you can approach entities and individuals whose support can help you get started on the right foot. These include professionals in your field, investors and lenders. A knowledgeable business lawyer at our firm can help you draft a persuasive document containing these features:  

  • Executive summary — Names the principals and establishes their credentials in the area of business
  • Company description — States the mission of the organization, whom it seeks to serve and how
  • Market analysis — Presents data indicating customer appetite for the product or service.
  • Organization and management — Outlines the structure of the company and manner of operations
  • Service or products — Describes in detail what the company offers the public
  • Marketing and sales — Discusses your strategy for getting your product or service to the public
  • Funding requests — Makes a pitch to investors and/or lenders
  • Financial projections — Provides reasonable predictions regarding revenue if your plan is implemented.

Many of these areas fit neatly into our legal services, since we advise entrepreneurs on business formation matters, such as choice of entity, ownership agreements, business contracts and compliance issues. In other areas, such as market research and marketing, we can recommend reliable service providers. We can also help you articulate a plan for funding that is attractive to investors and lenders.

Guidance with employee matters

New businesses often rely heavily on a founder to manage a wide range of business tasks. Yet, it is often the case that an individual with the vision to design a new product or service might not have a broad base of business experience and needs capable assistance in key positions. Thus, one of the essential ingredients to a new company’s performance is its ability to attract executive talent. Our attorneys help new businesses negotiate compensation packages that provide ample rewards for professional performance without overtaxing the new company’s resources. Such packages could include incentives and contingencies with clearly defined metrics based on performance.

Reliable advice on regulatory compliance

Entrepreneurs frequently require guidance regarding the effect of state and federal regulations on their business. This intricate network of rules affects virtually every aspect of operations, including:

  • Employment and labor relations
  • Workplace safety
  • Financial reporting
  • Taxation
  • Land usage
  • Environmental concerns
  • Data security
  • Consumer relations

Our business lawyers assist businesses with a broad range of compliance issues. From industry-specific regulations to general business license requirements, we strive to ensure that your company operates within legal boundaries and is not exposed to liability.

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