New Mexico Estate Planning Lawyers

Albuquerque firm prepares wills, trusts and advance medical directives

Hurley, Toevs, Styles, Hamblin & Panter, P.A. advises clients across New Mexico on a wide array of estate planning issues, including the development of wills, trusts, power of attorney documents and advance medical directives. From our Albuquerque office, we create personalized strategies with components that complement each other to achieve our clients’ goals.  

Understanding the importance of estate planning

Life is uncertain, which is why you should put a reliable estate plan in place to protect the people you love. With the assistance of our experienced lawyers, you can learn about strategies to distribute property efficiently, minimize tax exposure and ease the probate process for your family members. By maximizing the value of your estate and eliminating unnecessary expenses, we can help you leave a proper legacy.

Helping you find what fits your needs

Our firm counsels New Mexico residents on a full range of estate planning concerns, including:

  • Wills — A valid will is a key element of a sound estate plan, even if you plan to allocate most of your assets through a trust or some other method. Our firm makes sure that all of the legal requirements are satisfied and works with you to create legally enforceable directives detailing the transfer of property to your heirs, as well as language stating whom you believe should serve as your estate’s executor.
  • Trusts — You might establish a trust to help your family members avoid probate or to reduce the size of your taxable estate. Revocable and irrevocable trusts serve a variety of purposes and can be tailored to fit your circumstances and needs. After learning about your objectives, we can discuss how a particular type of trust might be useful in helping you fulfill them.
  • Power of attorney documents and advance medical directives — A complete estate plan requires more than instructions on how to distribute your assets upon your death. If you are incapacitated by an injury or illness, your loved ones might not know what your preferences are regarding medical treatment. Disputes over who has decision-making authority in medical and financial matters could trigger a serious conflict at the worst possible time. By drafting a health-care directive and a power of attorney, you can have instructions in place to avert confusion and ensure that your wishes are honored.
  • Probate administration — Careful planning with the assistance of an experienced trusts and estates attorney minimizes the possibility of a probate dispute after you are gone. Our firm draws up legal instruments that are clear and legally sound so you can feel secure. After someone has died, we assist executors and administrators to settle estates correctly and efficiently. In the event that a disagreement does arise, we have extensive experience litigating estate disputes.

It is important to remember that financial circumstances and relationships change over time, so we are always available to modify existing estate planning documents so that they reflect your current intentions.

When should you make your estate plan?

Many people make the mistake of waiting for a certain event to make an estate plan. If you put off this responsibility until after you buy a home or have children, your wishes might not be honored if something unexpected occurs. Anyone who owns property should at least have a will in place so that they can direct how their assets will be distributed rather than relying on the state’s intestacy rules. Depending on your situation and goals, you might only need a simple estate plan that can be modified as your needs and financial circumstances change. Regardless of the stage of life you’re at, you can rely on our firm for appropriate guidance so you can be prepared for whatever happens.

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